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Posted by on Jan 22, 2010 in Recipes & Ideas |

Cookie Dough Bites Milkshake

Hello, everyone! Check out our awesome new Cookie Dough Bites Milkshake recipe! It’s so easy and the best solution to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The ingredients are as follows:
1/2 cup crushed Cookie Dough Bites
2 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup of milk

Cookie Dough Bites Milkshake Directions:

1. Freeze Cookie Dough Bites pieces for about 15 minutes or until frozen.
2. Blend ice cream and milk together for 30 seconds.
3. Add in frozen Cookie Dough Bites and blend for another 30 seconds.

In about a minute, you’ll have an amazingly delicious milkshake! We hope you enjoy the recipe! Let us know if you have any Cookie Dough Bites creations you’d like to share. Enjoy!