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chocolate chip Original Chocolate Chip
Ever eat raw Cookie Dough? Pretty yummy, huh? We found a way to create a raw Cookie Dough that is totally egg-free, safe to eat, and coated in delicious milk chocolate. Original Chocolate Chip is one of five great flavors!
fudge brownie Fudge Brownie
The Fudge Brownie flavor Cookie Dough Bites is one of 5 great flavors in the Cookie Dough Bites lineup. Imagine rich fudge brownie dough with a coating of creamy coated milk chocolate. An unbeatable combination !
peanut butter Peanut Butter
Yummy Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites are super deeeeelicious! And they are totally egg-free, safe to eat, and coated in a creamy milk chocolate. Get your hands on some soon!
dark chocolate chip Dark Chocolate Chip
Delicious egg-free cookie dough smothered in semi-sweet dark chocolate! A fabulous combination that is even a source of antioxidants.
mint chocolate chip Mint Chocolate Chip
Our best flavor yet? Try our mouth-watering MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP cookie dough bites as soon as you get the chance! Our taste-testers tell us it is even better than mint chocolate chip ice cream.
cookies n cream Cookies N Cream Bites
Our irresistible Cookies N Cream Bites combines a chocolatey cookie center with a creamy white chocolatey exterior. Satisfies every time!
Cupcake Bites Cupcake Bites
Cupcake Bites feature a tasty cupcake center covered in a yummy coating of frosting and topped off with multi-color sprinkles! Simply deeelicious!
cookies n cream Cinnamon Bun Bites Delicious bite size cinnamon bun pieces in a creamy white chocolatey coating.. Fresh from the oven taste every time!
Cupcake Bites Red Velvet Cupcake Bites
The newest edition to the Cookie Dough Bites family! Delicious bite size cupcake pieces drenched in a creamy red velvet coating. Each delicious morsel tastes just like a red velvet cupcake.

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